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Gennex had his 1st touch with electronic music in the year 1993 when Westbam's "Celebration Generation" was released. Fascinated on this almost one decade he used to follow the developements in the areas of Trance and Ambience until he got prosetytised to enter the world of more progressive styles. His first steps in producing his own music (barring one house experiment with the MusicMaker in 2001) he did in 2002, when he started his studies in Fulda. 1 year later he met Accentbuster alias Frank Wirth and joined the Fogmountain crew. He did his first serious experiements in the areas of House, Electro, Hard Techno culminating in experimental styles (especially Brighton). The last years he found back to more smooth sounds and found his home in the world of House, Electro and even Chillout albeit he kept his glance on chip sounds, game sountracks and of course his roots of Trance and ambient sounds.