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florian breidenbach

Florian Breidenbach

Florian Breidenbach first started out his dj career in 1995 with his good friend and neighbor Accelerator aka Axel Seidel. After a while he smashed sets in the beat cave (R.I.P.) just as in the Kornhaus where he has been resident dj for 3 years. He has had most of the ideas concerning the www-activity (back then our presence on the mp3.com sites for example).

Sometime at the end of the last Millennium he met and teamed up with Frank Wirth (aka dj Horus or Accentbuster) and since then they have been producing together most of their tracks and exchanged their skills, as you can hear on the industrial revolution album that he mixed and they produced together in 2004.

Bigger gigs (wintersause kassel, fh fulda, ...) and various live streams on stations like against silence, poundingtechno.com / absolute-technoise.com and at last globalbeats fm followed where he was a resident for three years.

Besides that during the whole crappy "call on me sample house-wave" they just 4 fun produced some house remixes themselves of artist like Fleetwood Mac, Roxette, Steve Winwood, and Bap just to name a few. Due to copyright issues the Fogmountain Bootleg Systems remixes aren't officially available but wide spread all over the internet. This search on google might help ;-)

2007/2008 he was resident in both klubhaus and s-club (former starclub) in fulda where he was able to prove his skills playing in front of bigger audiences. Besides djing since 2009 he has concentrated on producing his own tracks and some remixes again, check out his soundcloud to stay updated.